I am Jim White. I have been gliding since the early 90’s having learned at Booker Gliding Club in the South of England. I started my own business in 1995 so had a short break before starting again at the end of that decade. I bought my beloved ASW27 in 2003 and started going cross country and competing in earnest. To date I have competed and won in some 10 regional competitions and have had reasonable success in 15 National competitions.

In 2021 I sold my business and became a properly qualified instructor. For 10 years or so, I have been a cross country coach at my club and now hold both a BGA Full Category Instructor qualification as well as an EASA FIS(S) licence. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new AS33Es.

Over the years I have developed many learning resources ranging from lectures to short papers on topics as far ranging as basic soaring skills to competition tactics, understanding gliding meteorology, and even using psychology to improve performance. These are now being groomed for publication on this site. I hope that you enjoy them and find that they help you too.

In 2014 I, and a fellow competition pilot, developed the Distance Handicap Task format which is designed to make handicapped competition fairer to low handicap gliders and their pilots. This resulted in the development of some software to help set tasks and enable scoring in See You Competition. This software has been taken up by the FAI and dozens of gliding clubs in 16 countries world wide. I am very proud of this work.